Windows 10! A step toward obsolete live-TV?

August 14, 2015 by News No Comments

Have you downloaded Windows 10? It was high on my teen’s priority list, less-so on mine. But on closer inspection, I have registered for my free download, and am looking forward to the greater ease of use on our mobile devices it’s promoting as its strength. I hope.

But it’s not just the integration of the Office suite that will be made more easy across your devices… This is an attempt to put Microsoft back in the modern technological game, linking gaming, work, and entertainment practices.

X-Box One is set to gain full DVR functionality, allowing you to record TV directly to a USB in your console. This feature will support streaming or downloading of content over wi-fi to PC’s or mobile devices that are¬†running¬†windows 10.

DVR Functionality requires a digital tuner (sold separately) and is due for release in 2016 in “selected” countries. I see Australia on the list, but so far not NZ.

So how are you finding the Windows-10 interface? Is live TV soon a thing of the past? Or will it take a generation of interacting differently with technology and entertainment, just like me and my teen?