What drives you to Update? And what do you gain?

July 28, 2015 by News No Comments

In a consumer market, there are constant updates and releases offered in order to tempt you to upgrade. Freeview Plus. Free Netflix subscriptions (check our facebook and google+ for details from Samsung!). Apple watches.

Do we really need it? And what do we gain?

We experience the same thing with utilities – you’ve had them at your door offering a cash ‘bonus’ to transfer your electricity supply to their company, right?

But what I really want (what I really, REALLY¬†want!) is good service. I want to know what my power company will do to keep me… Will they offer me the lower-priced package they are offering to get new clientele? Or will they leave me on the higher cost one to improve their bottom line? And I want to know you’ll look after my investment with you (the manufacturer) by servicing those models of electronic consumer goods in conjunction with Consumer Guarantees.

Stop it with those gimmicks aimed at creating differentiation. Make my purchase worthwhile. And show consumers some loyalty when they choose your brand. You might just keep me as a customer :)