Streaming to your TV screen

Live-Stream TV provides you with the ability to watch TV programmes and films at times of your own choosing. Reception is offered through your broadband internet connection and, in most cases, does not require you to be with a specific provider.

Each provider offers their own exclusives in the hope of winning your business. There are now quite a few to choose from, including Netflix, Lightbox (Spark), Neon (SKY), Eziflix, Quickflix, 3Now, and TVNZ on Demand.

In most cases, viewers join by paying a monthly subscription that reflects different consumer demands. Some subscriptions are flat fees, others have layered levels to choose from, depending on the number of viewers or viewing devices you choose that have access.

Viewing can be done on your portable device, a PC, gaming consoles and smart TV’s—basically anything that has internet connectivity and compatibility. Viewing with any provider will impact on the level of data you require with your internet provider, so this should be taken into account. This may be add extra cost to your internet bill, beyond the price you pay for your subscription. All viewing is considered for personal use and normal copyright laws apply.