MATV / Commercial Distribution

Signal Distribution

In larger buildings and multi-unit dwellings that are fed by one aerial/dish, specialized equipment is required to process the signal received and prevent signal deterioration or interference. This is called MATV (Master Antenna TV), and typically comprises a Headend and distribution system. Use of fibre or cable for distribution is a decision that depends on circumstances, including physical distances involved. Where signal provision requires upgrading, the Headend can often use existing aerials and distribution cabling, with minimal disruption to existing TV services.

MATV systems ensure that only one set of aerials (usually both terrestrial and satellite) is in place for the whole property. Seamless inclusion of SKY and Freeview can be achieved, along with the possibility of in-house programs where applicable. MATV provides benefits for building owners by reducing roof penetrations, and also for end-users as signal is properly managed to minimise interference. Professional reticulation of satellite signal also allows incorporation of decoders, foreign programs and/or SKY guest select, offering diversity for clientele where this is important.

Telefix has experience in designing cabling networks for distribution, specifying equipment, and installing a Headend suitable to accomplish the customer’s end requirements. We have experience in co-ordinating a team, working alongside other contractors, and providing work on-budget and on-time.

Managed Properties

MATV is utilised across diverse settings including commercial buildings, apartment blocks, hotels, and retirement villages. Typically, in both commercial and residential properties, it is the landlord’s obligation to provide TV signals for the tenants use in their TV sets. As preferred provider at a number of City buildings and MATV sites, we are experienced in dealing both with the tenant/resident and end user, as well as building and facility managers.

All systems require some maintenance as a part of good management. Telefix can provide a schedule of maintenance that reflects the needs of the client. Our prompt attention and service delivery at commercial venues has helped our company to realise growth in commercial work even through a difficult economic climate.

We are proactive in the care of our management clients, advising network changes ahead of time to assist them in ongoing signal provision and ensure minimal or no disruption in turn, to their tenants, guests or residents.

Accreditation & Safety

On commercial sites, additional consideration of risk and safety are important. Telefix holds Public Liability Insurance to a level suitable for work on large construction or multiple-dwelling sites. We have a company Safety Policy and hold Site Safe certification. Our technicians are required to complete training in First Aid and Working at Heights on a regular cycle of renewal.