Aerials and Home Entertainment

TV aerials & home entertainment

Telefix has qualified technicians who provide honest and reliable service advice. Whether you require a simple TV antenna, or an elaborate and integrated home entertainment system, our technicians come equipped and ready.

We install additional outlets, fault-find issues with poor reception, and attend to damaged or fallen antennas. Our technicians use product from reputable suppliers, provide operational instruction where required, and are committed to the individual care of our customers. Telefix provides a 90-day warranty on all our workmanship.

We also supply and setup remote extenders, allowing you to control your viewing from alternative TV’s.

Updates and changes will be made to the digital TV network, as new channels come online or changes to frequency and reception occur. We will update you through the “latest news” areas on our website, and through our Facebook and Google+ posts.

For other sources of referral, we invite reviews on No Cowboys. These reviews are not regulated and give a true picture of consumer experience that we are proud to provide and respond to.

Digital Television

Digital Freeview is the provision of TV reception through a digitised network. Reception is more sensitive to interference (seen as pixilation), but provides a sharper image because it is more refined. The main reason for digital TV reception however, is to reduce transmission space. By reducing bandwidth, more space can be made available for internet transfer, and for ever increasing mobile data usage.

Digital Freeview can be accessed by using satellite or terrestrial (UHF) aerials. Some of the viewing channels vary according to which one you have and stand-alone decoders will source one or the other. In our experience, the most reliable decoders also have hard-drive capacity, allowing you to record directly from your TV. Transfer to an independent means of storage such as a USB stick or a Blu-Ray/DVD disc is only possible if the facility is built into the decoder.

Terrestrial Freeview provides a clearer picture of high-definition (HD) quality. It is built-in to modern TV’s and is the recommended vehicle for reception unless your geographical location makes it unavailable or unreliable.

Satellite Freeview, including SKY, is digital but not HD quality with the exception of MySky. Until recently, all satellite reception has been accessed via a stand-alone decoder; however some TV’s from 2014 have begun to offer both satellite and terrestrial in-built tuners, allowing the consumer to choose without further purchase.